Regions Financial Corporation traces its roots back to three Alabama-based banks who became original affiliates of First Alabama Bancshares, Inc. chartered in 1970 as the first multi-bank holding company in the state of Alabama. Those three banks are: the First National Bank of Huntsville, chartered in 1856, the First National Bank of Montgomery, opened in 1871, and the Exchange Security Bank of Birmingham.

The Birmingham, Huntsville and Montgomery banks formed the nucleus of what are now Regions, giving the company a strong presence in three of the four largest metropolitan areas of the state. The bank quickly expanded its market by acquiring more banks. In less than four years, First Alabama’s assets doubled from $543 million in 1971 to $1.2 billion at the end of 1974.

Regions banking is now one of the leading National banks and offers a range of services, from Mobile banking solutions to wealth Management, IRA Solutions, Mortgages, Home equity loans, Payment of bills, International banking, Financial Management e.t.c You can gain access to all these services and many more simply by registering on the Regions Login website and using your log in I.d to avail yourself with her range of services.

Regions Online and Mobile banking offer a simplified digital banking experience, designed for ease of navigation and provide the tools you need to manage your finances and access from anywhere.

Take advantage of a safe and secure way to manage your finances online by checking your account balances, paying bills and so much more.

How to Enrol in Regions Online Banking

Step 1
To get started, go to and select Enrol in Online Banking.

Step 2
Complete the Customer Information section with your Social Security Number, personal email address and phone number, then Continue.

Step 3
Select Personal Banking to enrol your personal accounts in Online Banking.
If you have only business accounts to enrol, select Business Banking to complete enrolment using your Tax Identification Number and Customer Number for the business.
To enrol personal and business accounts, select Personal & Business. If you have business accounts but do not want to enrol them now, you can always add a profile in the Customer Service centre.

Step 4
If you have a checking, savings or money market account, select Checking or Savings.
The Other Regions Accounts Only option is available to customers who do not have a checking, savings or money market account, but do have a reloadable card, credit card, line of credit or instalment loan.
Mortgage customers without a checking, savings or money market account can enrol here.

Step 5
To verify the account using a card, select ATM/Check Card Number.

Step 6
Enter card information and select Continue.
The card used must match the user whose SSN was used in the previous step.
If you do not have card information or a Customer Number, call us for assistance at 1-800-REGIONS.

Step 7
To verify your identity using your Customer Number, select that option and enter the Customer Number, then select Continue.
Your Customer Number for Online Banking is usually provided at the time of account opening. If you do not know your Customer Number or have card information, call us for assistance at 1-800-REGIONS.

Step 8
Read the Consent for Electronic Communications & Disclosures and select I Accept to continue enrolment.

Step 9
Read Terms & Conditions and select I Accept to continue enrolment.

Step 10
Create your Online ID & Password, and then select Continue.
Note: Online ID is not case sensitive; however, Password is case sensitive and requires at least one uppercase letter, lowercase letter and number. No special characters are allowed.

Step 11
Select and answer three security questions, then select Continue.

Step 12
Review accounts set up in Online Banking. To change the display name in Online Banking (default is your name) or to set a nickname for your account(s), select any part of the current name.
To complete enrolment, select Continue.

Step 13
You will receive a confirmation message. Select Start Online Banking to log in and see account information.

How to Enrol in Online Banking

Step 1
Locate the online banking Box at the top of the regions homepage at
Note; Java script is required to log in and use Regions online Banking. See Java Script FAQ for more information

Step 2
Enter your Online ID.
If you do not remember your Online ID, please call 1-800-472-2265. Don’t forget, you can also check Remember Me at time of login so that your Online ID will be remembered next time you visit.

Step 3
Enter your password.
If you do not know your password, simply select Forgot Online ID or Password located directly beneath the Login box.

Step 4
Select the Log In button.
Once signed in, you will be directed to your Account Overview.

How to Enrol for Online Statements

Step 1
Once logged in to Online Banking, from the Accounts menu, select Online Statements.

Step 2
Select Enrol in Online Statements to the right of each account to immediately activate your enrolment.

Step 3
The email address to which your notifications will automatically appear if you have already designated the email address for your account. Please ensure this email address is valid and updated to receive notifications when your statement is ready to view in Online Banking.
If you would like to update the email address, select Edit to the right of the email address, make your changes, then save.

How to Activate a Card

Step 1
Once logged in to Online Banking, from the Customer Service menu select Services.

Step 2
Under the Card Services section, select Activate Card.

Step 3
Enter your new card number, the last four digits of your Social Security Number, and the card expiration date. Then select Submit.

Step 4
You will receive confirmation that your new card has been activated and available for immediate use.
If you receive an error message, you can activate your card or get help with Online Banking by calling 1-800-REGIONS.
Only cards issued to the person enrolled for Online Banking can be activated. Other card holders on your account must log in or enrol separately.

How to Create Daily Balance Alert

Step 1
Once logged into Online Banking, from the Customer Service menu select Alerts.

Step 2
From the Alerts tab, select Daily Balance.

Step 3
Use the drop-down menu to select from available accounts to set up the alert and then Close.

Step 4
To display the alert on the Account Overview page in Online Banking, select the Notify me by web bell icon, then save.

Step 5
To receive the alert by email, select the drop-down menu beside the envelope, choose the email address where the alert should be sent, then close and save.

Note: To add or edit an email address, select Manage Emails. You will need to repeat this step to set up the alert.

How to Unenrol for Online Statements

Step 1
Once logged in to Online Banking, from the Accounts menu, select Online Statements.

Step 2
Select the Unenroll icon to the right of the account.

Unenrolling will reactivate your paper statements and the paper statement fee will be charged beginning with the end date of the statement period in which you change your election. Online Statements will no longer be available in Online Banking. To enrol your accounts again, simply select Enrol in Online Statements.

Certain account types have lower monthly fees when enrolled in Online Statements. Check whether your account fee may be affected or call us at 1-800-REGIONS.